Dog Training

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Does your dog ever:

  • Greet you like a linebacker

  • Drag you around on the leash

  • Mugs your guests

  • Potty in your house

  • Dig up your lawn

  • Use your furniture as a chew toy

  • Need to learn how to relax

  • Have a general lack of training 


You will like the Manners Package
It's a perfect package for your new pup, or older dog too!
We will teach all the basics that every good dog should know.


Manners Package is $500.00

This package includes Five 60-90minute sessions



Don't want a package?

Hourly rates are $100.00

additional trip fee my apply for some locations.







Does your dog ever:

  • Get grumpy around other dogs

  • Display anxious behaviors

  • Become reactive on leash

  • Act shy or anxious around people or other dogs

  •  Separation issues

  • Does not do well when left alone

    You might need a consultation first.
 A consultation is 90 minutes at a rate of $150.00

 With a consultation we will determine a plan of action for you.





  additional trip fee may apply  for some locations